New beginners’ session starting Jan 2, 2018 – join us!

Welcome to the Toronto Academy – centre for the learning and practise of tai chi chuan:  traditional martial arts for health and self defence

Join us in Jan 2018 and get Jan free when signing up for 3 months (Feb, Mar and Apr 2018).

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Join us for a class

Beginners’ Classes every Tues 7 – 8:30 pm; Sat 10:30 am – Noon 


Come and try out a complimentary class; meet the instructors and have discussions in person.



Private Group Beginners’ Introduction Class

If you and your friends are interested in a complimentary group introduction class – contact us to schedule!


Class will include:

  • Basic requirements
  • Tai Chi warm ups
  • Hand form – 108 movements
  • Introduction to the tai chi weapons (sword, spear, sabre)
  • Push Hands