The Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Toronto Academy is located at:

245, Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON M4M 2S1

Suite 600

Directions to Academy:

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The Academy is the white building situated across the parking lot (in the far east of parking lot).  The entrance to the parking lot is between 319 Carlaw Avenue & 245 Carlaw Avenue.

Note: it’s a stand-alone building, not in the main 245 Carlaw building.  There’s street parking; and access to academy is through the parking lot.

Entrance to Academy      Jonathan 1

Entrance to Parking Lot                                           Academy


TTC Access:

There is a bus that goes down Carlaw Avenue from the Pape station on the Bloor/Danforth line. The Queen Street, street car stops at Carlaw Avenue if you are taking the TTC from the Yonge line or coming from points further east.


245 Carlaw is a condo.  Please note that there are no visitors parking in this parking lot.   All parking spots on the lot are owned and reserved for condo owners only. No students will be allowed to park in the Condo Parking lot.

There are lots of street parking on Carlaw Avenue (metered parking) and on Boston Avenue, one block east of Carlaw (unmetered parking).


Suite 600, 245 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4M 2S1

For inquiries please phone: (416) 822-0613