Of the styles of tai chi chuan that have developed over the past several hundred years, Wu Style has become one of the most widely practiced. Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Toronto was founded in 1975 by Master Wu Tai Chi; a fourth-generation master of the Wu Family. He later invited Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu to assume the role of chief instructor. Since that time, Grandmaster Eddie Wu has promoted Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan throughout North America and Europe. 

Wu Style academies worldwide are dedicated to teaching the principles of traditional tai chi chuan as laid down in the classics, and as developed by the Wu Family. According to Grandmaster Eddie Wu, “It is our aim to train students to develop their own potential to reach high standards in the art of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.”  We are proud of our heritage and our over 30 years of establishment in the City of Toronto. 

For more information on the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation, please visit us at www.wustyle.com